DNA Profiling

DNA extraction and profiling

Every person has a unique DNA profile that identifies them as an individual. DNA Diagnostics offers a DNA profiling service that will provide a court-acceptable record of this unique genetic fingerprint, so that it can be made available for use in the future if required.

What are the uses of DNA profiling?

Because a DNA profile is a person’s unique biological identity, it can be used in any situation where it is necessary to prove identity, or to prove a biological relationship.

This can be useful in estates claims, when the claimant can be requested to undergo parentage testing to prove their relationship to the deceased. DNA profiles can also be used for disaster victim identification and in missing person investigations.

How is DNA profiling carried out?

  • DNA extraction – a sample is collected at one of the designated collection centres around New Zealand. Formal identification is required at the time of collection. The DNA is then extracted from the sample at our Auckland laboratory.
  • DNA profiling – a DNA profile is obtained from a small fraction of the saved DNA and is provided to the client.

Cost of DNA extraction and profiling:

$650.00 for a BASIC (15 loci) profile person; $850.00 for a FULL profile (includes GST)

Find your nearest laboratory to book a sample collection for DNA profiling