paternity testing nz
paternity testing nz

Peace of Mind testing is available.
Please call us on (09) 571-0474 or email us to discuss your particular situation as to whether this is a suitable option.

DNA Testing in New Zealand

New Zealand's Leading Parentage Test Service

DNA Diagnostics is a parentage testing laboratory operating from within New Zealand. We have been performing DNA testing for parentage tests since 1989 and all our staff are registered with the Medical Science Council of New Zealand.

Our results are court-approved and we are ISO 15189-accredited by IANZ. This means that you can be confident with the results that we obtain.

We understand that having DNA testing can be a very stressful time. We endeavour to provide you with a friendly, reliable and efficient service. Results are sent to you as soon as they become available. You are free to contact us at any time to discuss the test and/or your results.

Paternity Testing

A DNA paternity test is the most accurate method of establishing whether a person is the biological father of a child or not. DNA Diagnostics specialises in providing a fast and reliable court-approved paternity test service.

DNA Profiling

DNA profiling provides a court-admissible record of a person's unique genetic fingerprint for possible future use. It can be used when it is necessary to prove identity, or to prove a biological relationship.

Other Testing

We also provide other DNA parentage testing, sibling testing and other relationship testing including twin testing.