About DNA Diagnostics

DNA Diagnostics are NZ’s only locally based DNA paternity test providers

DNA Diagnostics is New Zealand’s only DNA parentage testing facility based entirely in New Zealand. While other companies send samples overseas for testing, we process all tests right here in our Auckland laboratory, just as we have done since 1989.

IANZ accreditation & proficiency testing

DNA Diagnostics maintains the highest standards through continued laboratory accreditation, participation in international proficiency testing and internal auditing.

DNA Diagnostics first gained accreditation through International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) in 1996. We have maintained that accreditation with audits by IANZ every year and an audit of all technical aspects by an expert once every four years.

We participate annually in international proficiency testing, processing eight cases per year, through the College of American Pathologists; Cellmark Forensics; and the English Speaking Working Group of the International Society for Forensic Genetics.

All parentage DNA testing is carried out according to the provisions of the New Zealand Family Proceedings Act (1980).

New Zealand-based testing location

Our DNA laboratory is located in Auckland. Samples are collected throughout New Zealand at our designated collection centres and sent to us in Auckland for testing.

Additional DNA Profiling services

DNA paternity testing is the main focus of our work. Additional DNA testing/profiling services include twin zygosity testing, to determine whether or not twins are identical, and DNA extraction and profiling.

DNA test technology

DNA Diagnostics performs testing with a minimum of 15 short tandem repeat (STR) DNA markers from the non sex chromosomes (autosomes). These are more than adequate to resolve parentage with a very high level of certainty for the majority of cases. Additional STR markers are used if required. Y chromosome testing is available for parentage cases involving a male child.

Top genetic specialists

The staff at DNA Diagnostics are specialists in the field of DNA testing/profiling and parentage (paternity/maternity) testing. Additional expert advice is available to us from statistical and molecular genetic consultants.

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