What to Expect from a Paternity Test

Getting a paternity test can be a stressful time, so we’re here to make it as straightforward as possible. Here’s what you can expect when you come to DNA Diagnostics for a paternity test. We’re also here to answer your questions or concerns at any time – before, during and after the DNA test.

Step 1: Booking a DNA test

First, check the list of laboratory locations to find the most conveniently located DNA Diagnostics collection centre. You can book an appointment directly with many collection centres. Alternatively, you can contact the main DNA Diagnostics laboratory to book an appointment in the Auckland area, or arrange an overseas collection.

Samples from the alleged father, the mother and the child do not need to be taken on the same day, so each party can come separately if desired.

Identification requirements:

When booking, you will need to specify the number of people to be tested, whether the appointment is for all parties, or fewer, of those to be tested. We require a recent true likeness photograph from each person giving a sample, including the child. If available, additional photographic identification, such as a passport, driver licence or evidence of age document, should be brought to the appointment.

Step 2: At the DNA sample collection centre

The appointment at the collection centre will take approximately 30 minutes.


Before samples are taken, all parties must sign consent for the DNA test and the release of the result to the other parties. The consent reads as follows:

"I agree to provide a sample from myself and my child(ren), of whom I am the Legal guardian, to be tested at DNA Diagnostics for the purpose of DNA profiling for parentage. I give my permission for the result to be released to the other party directly or through their representative, but agree that no result will be requested until DNA Diagnostics has been paid in full or received a lawyer's guarantee of payment in full."


Full payment for the paternity test is required before any samples are taken, unless alternative arrangements have been made through lawyers. Payment can be made by cheque (to DNA Diagnostics), credit card or direct credit. Please allow 5 working days for private cheque clearance. The paternity test result will be released as soon as it is ready if payment is by bank cheque, card or direct credit.

Please note: if the test does not proceed and one or more samples have been taken, the case is subject to a cancellation fee of $184.00 (one or two samples) or $264.50 (all three samples taken).


A small sample is taken from each person, either by taking a small amount of blood, or a swab from inside the mouth.

Step 3: Carrying out the DNA test

The documentation and samples are sent to the DNA Diagnostics laboratory in Auckland for processing. DNA parentage testing is carried out by our highly experienced staff, to the most rigorous technical standards.

All testing is treated in the strictest confidence. Any information about the paternity test will only be communicated to those tested, or their nominated representative.

Step 4: Getting the results of your paternity test

Once testing is complete, we will issue a report with the results of the paternity test. The result is sent in writing by mail, email or fax, to those tested, or their nominated representative. The result will not be provided over the phone.

If you have any questions about the result of a paternity test, our staff are available and always happy to discuss it with you. And because DNA Diagnostics is the only DNA testing laboratory to carry out paternity testing in New Zealand, we’re easy to get hold of when you need us.

See the contact us page for ways to get in touch.

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